How to display Waves?

    In General: To display waves, this is what you do.
  • Please use the small gears icon while showing the blue and yellow map to get the GRIB parameter screen up, tap on the layers setup and make sure that waves is turned on. Please note that in our description in the iTunes app store we state that the WW3 and FNMOC-WW3 wave data (direction, height, period) provided by the NOAA currently does cover OCEANS only. For other areas see below.

  • For Mediterranean:
  • Please select wave model WAM85 (Cyprus Oceanography Center) from the forecast models (see video below). This model displays waves in the Mediterranean, with a high resolution of 0.05 degrees . It is available on a 0.05 grid (lat/lon) displaying a forecast every hour up to 4 days. The model is calculated three times a day (13UTC, 17UTC and 21 UTC). Available data layers include significant wave height, directios, period and swell height and direction.

  • For Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, NE Atlantic Ocean around Europe.
  • Please select wave model FNMOC-Med. GRIB layers are significant waves, wind sea, swell, height, direction and period.

  • For the GFS, COAMPS and NAVGEM models
  • Please note that you have the option to request waves for these models although these models does not calculate waves. By default WeatherTrack includes NOAA WW3. To change this, use the GRIB parameters (gears icon) while the blue and yellow area selection map is shown. Choose the model of interest (GFS, COAMPS or NAVGEM). Tap the layers icon to make sure that wave layers are requested. A new field appears, the wave model to merge in. You can choose WAM85, FNMOC-MED, FNMOC-CENTAM or FNMOC-WW3 Waves instead of NOAA WW3 to be displayed in the primary weather model.


Waves for the Mediterranean Sea (Download and Animation).



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Richard Hammons on Wednesday, October 30 2013 version 1.5.3
A superb app with great flexibility and reliable. Very detailed worth the money.

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It is easy to use, powerful features and great graphics makes it my first choice for marine weather. You won't be disappointed.

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United Kingdom
by Tony&sharla December 23 2012 version 1.4.8
Everything you could ever want in one place. Easy to download weather maps. Scrap all your other weather Apps and get this one, brilliant.

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by Sdrroooo on Friday, August 02 2013 v 1.5.1
A wonderful application. Being professional airline pilot, I find it very helpful and accurate.

Weathertrack ★★★★★
United Kingdom
by Dine December 19 2012 version 1.4.8
What an excellent App, I use this professionally to cross check weather patterns at work... it is very comprehensive and accurate.... well done developers...!!

Captain ★★★★★
by Zeevaart on Monday, December 31 2012 version 1.4.8
As a nautical officer I am using this program all the time ..very Handy and very usefull wheater forecasting program.

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by A Very Nice Guy on Tuesday, December 11 2012 version 1.4.8
The most complete product I have found so fare.
I am a very satisfied customer.

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by didier ch on Thursday, August 01 2013 v 1.5.1
wonderful piece of software! Very useful app, easy to use, nice support quick to react: a real must. The "en route" add on makes it even better.

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by Saoleonardo on Friday, June 07 2013 v 1.5.0
Very good, one of the best meteorological apps. (Original: muito bom, um dos melhores apps de meteorologia.)

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by Pierdelapier on Monday, April 29 2013 version v 1.4.9
Really beautiful and especially professional (Original: Veramente bella e soprattutto professionale)

Thanks - ★★★★★
United Kingdom
by Sailing the sea on Monday, March 26 2012 version 1.4.3
Used this for Hong kong to Phillipines was awesome and worth every penny. Thanks finally for a great app

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by Josephus B on Friday, April 26 2013 version v 1.4.9
Great app. Especially when you are a professional user. (Original: Geweldige app. Zeker als professioneel gebruiker.)

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by Oldgaffer on Thursday, December 13 2012 version 1.4.8
I use this app as a professional mariner on a tugboat.
Its verry handy special on small vessels.

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by marco mangiacavalli on Monday, November 05 2012 version 1.4.7
Useful and accurate.Indispensabile. money well spent. (Original: pieni voti!!! - utile e precisa. indispensabile. soldi ben spesi)

Thanks - ★★★★★
United Kingdom
by seegdrh on Thursday, March 01 2012 version 1.4.3
Best weather app of them all worth every penny and more.

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by PrinzzIII on Tuesday, July 30 2013 v 1.5.1
To look at the weather map tells more than 1000 words. GRIB data in two hours steps, wind, precipitation, air pressure. No one needs more to make a travel plan

Perfect ★★★★
by dani72 on Tuesday, October 30 2012 version 1.4.7
Does what it says
(Original: Perfecta - Cumple con lo que dice))

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