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"WeatherTrack an incredibly comprehensive weather app -- it accesses many data models from different agencies and provides worldwide coverage. The GRIB layers include wind, precipitation, wave height/direction/period, ocean and tidal currents, air and sea temps, relative humidity and more. WeatherTrack works offline, and GRIB files can be downloaded through an SSB connection, an Iridium AxcessPoint or as an email attachment and opened in the app.

Overall, this app has a ton to offer and will probably require some time to figure out initially, especially if you're a bit of a weather novice, but the amount of data it provides is worth it." (App of the Month: WeatherTrack! in cruisingworld)

WeatherTrack, the Swiss Army Knife for Weather Enthusiasts, is a paid iPhone, iPad, iPod touch application (one-time payment) that provides basic weather forecasts service for free. The app offers many tools to check the weather which you can find in five sections:

  • GRIB Viewer (main part). The GRIB viewer provides GFS models or other scientific weather models to display weather forecasts on your mobile device.
  • Route Weather(in-app purchase)
  • GRIB RobotRetrieval of GRIB files over satellite connections. (in-app purchase)
  • Global-Local (satellite view forecasts)
  • Weather Online (selected online resources)
"Spectacular, finally a weather application that is technically accurate, reliable and usable in the fields: sailing, in the mountains, on an airport in the middle of nowhere ....!!! Download the GRIB files with the forecasts for: wind, rain, pressure, temperature, and geopotential fronts (...). This is done by centering and calibrating the weather map depending on the zoom factor of the map. And the app downloads the files in such tiny portions that it even functions easily with a bandwith of 2g. Well Done!!!!!!" (a user's review)

WeatherTrack is the chosen weather app for the AMERICA's CUP TEAM ARTEMIS.

"WeatherTrack is the application that better suits our needs to visualize Gribs on an iPad. This is very useful to our team as it allows us to visualize currents and winds models directly from a chase boat or even on the actual racing yacht. Our team is able to visualize every model, with one simple step, anywhere." (Team Artemis Racing)

WeatherTrack works offline. The app offers a specifically designed worldwide offline map. Users do not need internet to display a map or use any other features. GRIB files can be downloaded through a SSB connection and transmitted via iTunes to your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch  or PC. You can choose to open GRIB file attachments from email messages in WeatherTrack. This gives access to specialized weather forecasts, for example higher resolution data available from commercial subscription based services.

Estimating file size to control your roaming fees as well as a universal application to run on all mobile i-devices was crucial to the development of WeatherTrack from the very beginning.

WeatherTrack is fully functional on the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. No additional costs! No additional fees! No Advertising - WeatherTrack is an ad free weather app.

Use WeatherTrack to get simple, accurate information on wind speed or wind direction, pressure, air-/sea temperature, precipitation, wave height or wave direction, current, cloud cover, CAPE (severe weather data) and many more details. See how WeatherTrack works: Guided Tours.

WeatherTrack- ★★★★★
Richard Hammons on Wednesday, October 30 2013 version 1.5.3
A superb app with great flexibility and reliable. Very detailed worth the money.

Best weather app ★★★★★
by Mahinagirl1234 on Monday, December 31 2012 version 1.4.7
It is easy to use, powerful features and great graphics makes it my first choice for marine weather. You won't be disappointed.

Weather Centre ★★★★★
United Kingdom
by Tony&sharla December 23 2012 version 1.4.8
Everything you could ever want in one place. Easy to download weather maps. Scrap all your other weather Apps and get this one, brilliant.

Great ★★★★★
by Sdrroooo on Friday, August 02 2013 v 1.5.1
A wonderful application. Being professional airline pilot, I find it very helpful and accurate.

Weathertrack ★★★★★
United Kingdom
by Dine December 19 2012 version 1.4.8
What an excellent App, I use this professionally to cross check weather patterns at work... it is very comprehensive and accurate.... well done developers...!!

Captain ★★★★★
by Zeevaart on Monday, December 31 2012 version 1.4.8
As a nautical officer I am using this program all the time ..very Handy and very usefull wheater forecasting program.

Very good product... ★★★★★
by A Very Nice Guy on Tuesday, December 11 2012 version 1.4.8
The most complete product I have found so fare.
I am a very satisfied customer.

wonderful piece of software - ★★★★★
by didier ch on Thursday, August 01 2013 v 1.5.1
wonderful piece of software! Very useful app, easy to use, nice support quick to react: a real must. The "en route" add on makes it even better.

Excelentes - ★★★★★
by Saoleonardo on Friday, June 07 2013 v 1.5.0
Very good, one of the best meteorological apps. (Original: muito bom, um dos melhores apps de meteorologia.)

Splendidapp ★★★★★
by Pierdelapier on Monday, April 29 2013 version v 1.4.9
Really beautiful and especially professional (Original: Veramente bella e soprattutto professionale)

Thanks - ★★★★★
United Kingdom
by Sailing the sea on Monday, March 26 2012 version 1.4.3
Used this for Hong kong to Phillipines was awesome and worth every penny. Thanks finally for a great app

Great app. ★★★★★
by Josephus B on Friday, April 26 2013 version v 1.4.9
Great app. Especially when you are a professional user. (Original: Geweldige app. Zeker als professioneel gebruiker.)

Best weather grib ★★★★★
by Oldgaffer on Thursday, December 13 2012 version 1.4.8
I use this app as a professional mariner on a tugboat.
Its verry handy special on small vessels.

Full Marks!!! - ★★★★★
by marco mangiacavalli on Monday, November 05 2012 version 1.4.7
Useful and accurate.Indispensabile. money well spent. (Original: pieni voti!!! - utile e precisa. indispensabile. soldi ben spesi)

Thanks - ★★★★★
United Kingdom
by seegdrh on Thursday, March 01 2012 version 1.4.3
Best weather app of them all worth every penny and more.

Best weather forecast ★★★★★
by PrinzzIII on Tuesday, July 30 2013 v 1.5.1
To look at the weather map tells more than 1000 words. GRIB data in two hours steps, wind, precipitation, air pressure. No one needs more to make a travel plan

Perfect ★★★★
by dani72 on Tuesday, October 30 2012 version 1.4.7
Does what it says
(Original: Perfecta - Cumple con lo que dice))

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